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Indication of Risk

All of the issues, themes, or content presented on this web site, are shown in aggregate form and not individually, for that reason, those issues, topics or content should not be interpreted as those that relate to any financial situation in particular, nor to any person or reader in particular. The only purpose is to publicize these and is not an offer or solicitation to conduct operations in any type of financial market.

Any information or notice or matter disseminated through the website of FIT is supported and based on references of high reliability, however, should not be conferred by any person of any notice or information disseminated through this web site or the pages that I make to ensure accuracy in decision making when performing operations in markets of risk. The criteria or arguments shown and disclosed to you through this web site may change without prior notice. FIT has no obligation to update or to change or keep the ads or content disseminated through their web site.

The negotiation, transaction or investment in speculative markets, such as Contracts for difference, the transactions of purchase-sale of foreign currency, products, derivatives, options, futures, to name a few, are considered high risk, due to the level of volatility that they present. No person should consider that for benefits earned in the past necessarily will benefit from it, or high yields in the future. FIT does not support, or accept any liability whatsoever or any loss or expense of any kind that may arise from the occupancy or use of all or part of this web site.