Fidelis seeks to provide the best opportunities for qualified IB businesses (Introducing Brokers). The advantages gained by selecting alliance with Fidelis are:

• Attractive compensation according to the volume of operation: Our allies have the opportunity to build profitable IB businesses backed by Fidelis. We are available to companies or individuals who so desire. We offer monthly payment options, and thus Fidelis manages expenditure and maintenance of back office systems through software operations and trade. Fidelis improve your current compensation schedule.

• Trust from the industry leader in monthly payments: Fidelis gives you the assurance that you will receive your payments on time and in the form and we value the IB relationships we have and administrative resources to support the quality of our service and transparency.

• Build your own brand or refer their accounts with the experts: Let us do the work for you.

• Willingness to fund the account: We know it is important that our clients require accounts that are easy to open and fund.

If you are interested in joining the IB of Fidelis, complete and submit the following form. This allows us to resolve your concerns quickly and start working together.