Fidelis International Trading is a world leader Broker in trading CFDs (stocks, indexes, commodities, bonds, etc...), Precious metals (metal spot), and energy futures (gas and oil). This leadership is what allows us to offer the BEST PRICES WHEN PURCHASE AND SALE OF ASSETS ARE CONCLUDED.

We differentiate ourselves in dedication, continuous development and training of our staff. In turn, we maintain a strict personal attention that makes our customers always have the best experience when operating successfully and clearly with us.
In FIT we have as our primary commitment to provide our clients, both private and institutional, access to trade in CFDs accompanied by a highly qualified agency.
From FIT we have prioritized customer service as our point of advantage over other institutions, achieving recognition in quickness and reliability.



We are confident that excellence lies in the expertise of our traders (negotiators). To achieve this we have decided to focus solely on CFD's market, thus becoming every day more efficient and able to achieve success in operations that our clients give us.

happy patient
happy patient


We know that teamwork leads to success situations, managers of our brokers in addition to demanding the quality that our client deserves, are at all times aware of the operations while remaining near the team and the clients themselves.


It is the duty our staff to keep our clients informed of every one of their options and opportunities; as well as the risks in the market of CFDS.

happy patient
happy patient


Our inexorable condition is the constant development and training of our staff and to achieve well the qualification that distinguishes us from our competition.



Our company has provided financial services for many years having extensive experience and resources which allows us to offer a service of the highest quality. Movements in the world economies are not always synchronized and in this is a further opportunity to reduce the risk of your portfolio practicing diversification.

This not only reduces the systematic risk but also allows us to benefit the client working on a large scale. Therefore FIT provides the small or medium clients to have a much diversified portfolio, working in groups as large investors, obtaining good prices, and good opportunities and minimizing transaction costs. Among the advantages that can be detailed we can mention:

• Human Capital with over 20 years of experience and ongoing training.
• Use of state of the art technologies.
• Bloomberg Terminals
• Financial statements audited quarterly.
• We operate in different markets and with a huge range of financial instruments.

Client´s Funds Security
Security of client funds

  • In the financial industry, ensuring the clients funds is fundamental. In addition, FIT has extensive experience in risk control, strong balance and legal guarantees and additional structural guarantees.
  • At FIDELIS INTERNATIONAL TRADING ("FIT"), the clients funds are held in separate accounts and cannot, under any circumstances, be used for operating expenses or other purposes, or get mixed with FITs operating capital.
  • The only ways to withdraw funds from these accounts are as a direct result of customer investments or through a withdrawal request.
  • In the unlikely event of bankruptcy of FIT, the client funds are legally protected and would be returned directly to each client.
  • FIT also maintains a capital well above the official minimum required for securities brokers and futures brokers.